Taking care of the environment and health have been at the heart of Calcit's day-to-day operations since the very beginning. Our activity is based on the extraction of natural calcium carbonate. Impacts on the environment cannot be avoided, however, we can, must and do treat the environment with our utmost respect.

In accordance with the environmental vision we pursue, we have established and certified an environmental management system and obtained the ISO 14001 certificate. Strick adherence to applicable legislation, standards and internal regulations and guidelines enables us to operate in an urban environment from day one and pursue our good neighbour policy.


For many years we have been sponsoring local sports, contributing to its development, and faithfully rooting for our athletes. Calcit's sports family counts over a thousand athletes who compete in volleyball, mountain biking, swimming, water polo, bowling, snowboarding, recreational sports.


Culture and arts create our society, foster innovation, creativity, strengthen social values. We see our connection with local artists as a creative partnership that inspires us to work openly and innovatively on a daily basis.

For more than two decades Calcit has been expressing its support for artists of our time by annually releasing a calendar, which is a collection of contemporary works of art. In the past, we had the pleasure to collaborate with most important Slovenian art figures such as Andrej Jemec, Gabriel Stupica, Dušan Lipovec, Dušan Perko, Vladimir Makuc, Jože Ciuha, Rihard Jakopič, Zoran Mušič, Matija Jama and many others.