Code of Conduct


In Calcit Group we strive to follow the highest ethical, ecological and social standards. These represent the basis of all our business decisions, relationships and the behavior of our employees. The present Code reflects our goals, which, in addition to business success, include the principle of sustainable development and a responsible attitude towards the environment and wider community.

1. General

1.1 Validity

This Code of Conduct prescribes the rules for all employees, managers (hereinafter referred to as “employees”) and members of the supervisory authorities of Calcit, as well as all the companies of Calcit Group.
All third parties (consultants, agents, representatives, suppliers, etc.) who are acting on behalf of Calcit Group are obliged to respect the principles preserved in this Code. In addition to the document in question, we have also adopted a separate document - Calcit Group Suppliers’ Code of conduct, which is binding all third parties connected to or representing Calcit group.

1.2. Compliance management

All employees are familiar with this Code and the rules and principles it contains. Employees are responsible for complying with this Code and other additional internal rules and regulations governing their tasks, activities and obligations.

1.3. Violations

Established violations of the Code by an employee may be subject to internal disciplinary procedures, while violations of a more serious nature may represent a reason for termination of the employment contract. In addition, the offending employee might also be liable for damages or criminal charges in accordance with the applicable legislation.

1.4. Reporting improper conduct

Calcit Group encourages its employees to report any irregularities or violations of applicable laws and regulations, as well as internal rules and principles of this Code.

Any report will be treated as confidential in accordance with the applicable regulations. Report can be done in writing or personally. Regardless of whether the report is personal or anonymous, Calcit Group will provide appropriate protection to the person who reported the irregularity.

2. Rules of conduct

2.1. Business integrity

Calcit Group operates in accordance with applicable laws, internal regulations and professional ethics. Our employees are committed to honest and fair behavior, considering existing regulations, internal rules and provisions of the Code in question. Exemplary behavior is expected of our executive workers. Furthermore, they are required to encourage their subordinates to act in accordance with the principles of the Code.

2.2. Social responsibility of the Group

Calcit Group aims to contribute to sustainable development in the business and social field. The basic guidelines and values of the group are protection of the environment, human rights, respect of workers’ rights and contribution to the development of non-economic activities of civil society. This is considered in our everyday business operations and especially in relation to our employees, customers, suppliers and the wider local environment in which we are located.

3. Human and workers’ rights

Calcit Group is committed to respect and protect human and workers’ rights. We use active measures to prevent any and all violation of human rights, while at the same time having established mechanisms under which such violations can be effectively addressed and remedied.

3.1. Prohibition of child and involuntary labor

In Calcit Group we do not use child labor or employ people younger than the age prescribed by applicable laws of Republic of Slovenia. At the same time, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing the employment of minors. Calcit Group strongly rejects and does not use, encourage or permit any form of forced or involuntary labor.

3.2. Fair treatment and non-discrimination

We aim to establish a stimulating work environment without any kind of discrimination or harassment. In accordance with applicable labor law, we provide our employees with a working environment in which they are not exposed to gross or inhuman treatment, sexual harassment or abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, or verbal abuse.
We treat all our employees in the same way and do not discriminate against individuals based on race, sexual orientation, gender, age, nationality, physical disability, religion or any other personal characteristic.

3.4. Working hours, salaries and other employee rights

Calcit Group plans employees’ working hours so that it does not exceed the scope and duration of working time prescribed in the applicable national legislation and collective labor agreements. We do not require our employees to work beyond the limits of regular working hours and overtime, as permitted by applicable laws.

We comply with all regulations governing salaries and working hours, including those guaranteeing minimum wages, overtime and other payment elements, and we also provide our employees with all statutory allowances.
Calcit Group provides its employees with a minimum of one rest day for seven consecutive working days, except in cases where the applicable legislation permits a different arrangement. We also provide our employees with the right to paid annual leave in accordance with applicable labor legislation and collective labor agreements.

We provide our employees with professional education and training for the needs of the work they are performing. In addition, Calcit Group provides its employees with the conditions for further education in order to reach the highest qualification and professional ability of our staff possible.

All our companies regularly perform reviews of employees’ work and performances. The performance of each employee is subject to a performance assessment regarding previously set goals, which is the basis for possible promotion and reward.

For the purpose of recruiting new employees of Calcit group, we use a transparent selection process based on acquired education, professional qualifications, and candidates’ experience and references. For this reason, any vacant job and tender conditions are published in the media, in accordance with the regulations in force, thus enabling all potential candidates to have equal opportunities for employment.

The regulations regarding the rights and obligations of employees in the Calcit Group can be found here.

3.5. Freedom of association

Calcit Group provides its employees with the following rights: freedom of association, trade union membership, search for agents, membership in a workers’ council and participation in collective labor agreement negotiations. Employees who have active roles in labor union activities and employees who perform the functions of representatives of workers are in no way placed in a worse position for performing their roles.

Employees of Calcit Group regularly participate in the activities of collective labor organizations. On this basis Calcit Group is bound by the provisions of the Collective labor Agreement for the Acquisition and Processing of NonMetallic Minerals of Slovenia, and other similar regulations applicable for each company of Calcit Group.

4. Safe working environment

4.1. Workplace safety

Calcit Group meets all prescribed criteria in the field of safety and health at work, including compliance with established international safety standards. We provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment. Calcit specializes in training professionals who take care of proper supervision, safe working procedures, preventive maintenance and all necessary technical protection measures to reduce health and safety risks at the workplace. Insofar as these measures cannot adequately manage the risks, we also provide our employees with adequate personal protective equipment when necessary.

5. Privacy and intellectual property

5.1. Personal data

In Calcit Group we protect the confidentiality of personal data in all areas. We use such data only in the manner and to the extent permitted and provided for by applicable law. Any misuse of personal data or use for a purpose that is inconsistent with the purpose of their collection is strictly forbidden.

5.2. Confidential information

Business information, including that acquired by individuals during the performance of tasks on behalf of the companies of Calcit Group (or by any other means), is considered confidential. Employees must handle such information with strict care and confidentiality and disclose it only, if they are specifically authorized to do so. The same applies to all documents and other media that contain confidential information. The obligation to protect confidential information is binding for the employee even after the termination of the employment contract.

5.3. Intellectual property

Our employees are committed to respecting the intellectual property of Calcit group (i.e., technical solutions, ideas, products, methodologies, strategies, etc.). The intellectual property of the group must be protected, if appropriate by means of patents, trademarks and copyright protection.

6. Business responsibility and Ethics

6.1. Record keeping

Employees are obliged to accurately and completely document all business information. Documents and records must, where appropriate, be made available to the competent authorities and authorized persons of Calcit Group. Records and information, including electronic files and e-mails, must be kept as specified by applicable laws. The fraudulent alteration or falsification of any records or documents is strictly prohibited.
Financial statements of Calcit Group must be authentic and comply with established accounting standards. For the purposes of carrying out prescribed checks, Calcit Group keeps detailed financial information in the agreed form throughout the period required by applicable law.

6.2. Conflict of interests

Employees are obliged to avoid conflicts of interest. In the event of any conflicts occurring, the situation must be resolved in such a way that Calcit Group does not suffer any harm. At all times we expect our employees to consider potential conflicts of interest and to report such conflicts immediately to their superiors. If employees are in doubt about the potential existence of a conflict of interest, they must seek an explanation from their superiors. In accordance with the provisions of this Code, there is a conflict of interest where the employee is involved in personal activities which may prevent him from acting entirely in the interests of Calcit Group.

6.3. Preventing bribery and corruption

Calcit Group strongly condemns and fights all forms of corruption, bribery and other dishonest business practices. Calcit Group does not exercise, encourage or permit any form of corruption, extortion, embezzlement or tax evasion. We do not offer bribes and other unlawful rewards or benefits to
our business partners, neither we receive such from them.
Employees of Calcit Group are obliged to ensure that business transactions are carried out in a transparent, honest and ethical manner. Employees of Calcit are obliged to hold back from receiving or offering any kind of inappropriate gifts, payments or other benefits.

6.4. Fair competition

Calcit Group is devoted to the principles of free market competition. In our opinion, competition must be based on fair business practices and product quality, which is why we strongly reject actions and practices aimed at restricting free and fair competition.

Employees of Calcit Group are obliged to respect the applicable anti-trust regulations and legislation in the field of the protection of fair competition.

6.5. Prohibition of money laundering, financing of terrorism and respect for international sanctions

Calcit Group adheres the international fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, and completely rejects any actions that could support the above-mentioned unlawful acts.

Calcit Group undertakes to fully respect the international sanctions imposed by the international community and United nations against a particular country.

7. Environmental protection and product quality

Calcit Group is committed to the principle of environmental responsibility and efficiency, in order to ensure sustainable development of its business.

7.1. Product and service quality

Goods and services supplied by Calcit Group are consistent with generally recognized and contractually agreed quality standards. All our products are safe for the intended use.

7.2. Effects on the environment

Calcit Group meets all the environmental protection criteria prescribed by the applicable laws and regulations. At the same time, it carries out additional activities in order to ensure environmentally sustainable business operations. To this end, we have distributed environmentprotection tasks to all our employees. At the same time, we ensure that all our employees are constantly acting towards the protection of the environment and have the appropriate knowledge and means to achieve the goals we have set. We provide our employees with written instructions and all the necessary safeguards for the environmentally sensitive work processes that may have any potential environmental impact (e.g. storage and handling of hazardous materials). In Calcit Group we are actively preventing the occurrence of any possible emergency situations that could lead to environmental risks. In addition, by analyzing and identifying potential hazards, we are trying to ensure that resources and mechanisms are available for an appropriate and immediate response to such cases.

At Calcit we have established a system for systematic handling of possible environmental violations and complaints.

7.3. Waste and emissions

In Calcit Group we have set up systems to ensure the safe handling, movement, storage, recycling, re-use and waste management, noise monitoring, air emissions and wastewater discharges. For the activities that could have an adverse effect on human health or the environment, we have provided appropriate procedures for the implementation, measurement, monitoring and treatment of these substances before the release of any substance into the environment. These procedures also include regular monitoring and supervision by skilled external contractors (or competent inspection authorities) authorized by the Republic of Slovenia. Calcit has also established appropriate systems to prevent or reduce accidental spills or releases into the environment.

7.4. Conservation of resources and climate protection

Calcit Group uses natural resources (such as water, energy sources, raw materials) in a cost-effective manner. At the very beginning of each production process, we have completely eliminated unfavorable effects on the environment and the climate or reduced them to the lowest possible degree through procedures such as production adjustments, maintenance processes, material replacement, conservation, recycling and re-use. In our Group, we develop climate-friendly products and processes to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.