Calcit's product range includes a wide range of granulates, fillers and pigments used in the manufacture of paper, paints, wall coatings and facades, glass, plastics, rubber, flooring, sealants, artificial leather, food, feed, medicines, as well as for regulating the acidity of agricultural land and for neutralizing flue gases and acids.

Construction aggregates are used in the preparation of concrete and asphalt, as bulk and buffer material for road construction, embankments, and for levelling and ground consolidation at various construction sites.


CoverPlex is a group of special coating pigments used in the production of all types of paper and cardboard. The narrow distribution allows reducing the use of kaolin, improving the rheological properties of the coating mixture and reducing production costs.

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The HydroPlex product group is used as a filler, primer and coating pigments in all types of graphic paper and cardboard, and as a filler in all types of production paints. Exceptional whiteness, chemical purity, constant viscosity and proper particle distribution improve the surface properties and printability of the papers.

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CalPlex products are used as a filler, pre-coating and coating pigments in all types of graphic paper and cardboard. They are indispensable as a filler in all kinds of paints, varnishes, plasters, facades, levelling compounds and plastics, and are also used for food additives and in pharmaceuticals. Proper particle distribution, high whiteness and chemical purity allow for high coverage and good mechanical properties of the finished products.

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Fillers of the PolyPlex product group are used in the production of plastics and printing inks. Due to the surface treatment, the particles of PolyPlex products are hydrophobic. Proper particle distribution, exceptional whiteness and the addition of special additives allow for optimal bonding of PolyPlex particles to plastics particles, thereby improving the surface properties of the final products.

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Terazzo granulates are used in the production of plaster, glass, and animal feed. Whiteness, proper distribution and shape of particles, low iron content and chemical purity are the advantages that bring them wide applicability. A large range of sizes - they are arranged into 0.5mm classes - allows the downstream user to choose the optimal product for the final application.

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The appropriate size of granules of different fractions and their hardness are the characteristics that meet the standards for use in the preparation of concrete and asphalt. Bulk and tampon materials are used for road construction, backfilling, levelling and ground consolidation on all types of construction sites.