Our basic guideline is to deliver products as quickly, safely, reliably, and cost-effectively as possible. Excellent logistical connections and a production at three locations, together with straightforward reorganizations of freight transport, allow us to ensure reliable deliveries to our customers.

With 800 rail freight wagons available, guaranteed regular schedules with European railway operators, and a double-track railway line directly from Gospić and Terneuzen production site, we ensure reliable railway logistics. Our products are as well being transported by tankers and trucks, while the longest routs are overcome by river barges and ocean vessels. Strategic location of Calcit Zeeland allows river boat transport deep into the heart of the continent.

We ship dry goods in sacks, big bags, trucks, and containers, while wet products are delivered to you by truck- or wagon tanks, river barges and overseas ships or tankers.

Our logistics solutions and services are tailored to your business needs. Decades of experience with our logistics partners are a guarantee for efficient, safe, and smooth transportation of cargo to our customers. Treating each customer individually, we find a way to deliver the goods most optimal for you.