Why Calcit?

At Calcit, people come first

We are a modern, high-tech company that strives for coordinated growth of the company and its employees. We believe our employees are the main carriers of our knowledge, so we make sure we always put people first. We support and encourage the development of young potentials. We believe in goals, responsibility, experience, teamwork, and a respectful attitude towards nature.

Career growth and opportunities abroad

We are a fast-growing company with production in three countries and one of the leading providers of calcium carbonate on the European market. We offer employees opportunities for business and personal development through contacts with customers across Europe and beyond. It is usual to change the position between various departments during the career and proceed up in the hierarchy. We believe most interesting career ways and possibilities can happen within Calcit.

Talent diversity, responsibility and open talk

Experience has taught us that only different people in different teams bring significant innovations. The culture of our company is based on open communication and involvement of all employees, regardless of age, experience, or position. Responsibility comes with the first day of employment.

Challenge accepted

As we grow, our passion for novelty grows. We monitor trends and encourage innovative good practices. Digitization, Industry 4.0 and Management 3.0 are the concepts we live by, yet we strive for fresh new ideas, always on the search for candidates who will take the initiative at work.


We encourage each other’s growth. We are constantly learning. We like to socialize. We share a love of sports. We prefer to combine this in several annual events and teambuilding - from skiing, cycling, sailing and much more.